Salvatore Capital Partners Investment and DevelopmentĀ specialize in the acquisition and development of real estate assets for local, national and regional clients. SCP currently has nearly a dozen new projects in the pipeline. SCP’s full-service, in-house resources enable us to identify and secure prime locations for our clients and provide greater control over time, money, and quality, while at the same time achieving investor returns of over 20% historically.

A Balanced Approach to Investment and Development

SCP takes a responsible approach to investment and development. We carefully select sites to avoid interfering with preservation or local historic significance. We strive to create harmony by incorporating the local architectural styles and cultural themes. SCP works in harmony with communities and special interest groups to promote understanding and consensus. This spirit of cooperation has been successful in achieving the right balance of community and client needs. Adding value to a community is what we do best.

Partners in the Community

Early in the development process, we seek input from community members, in an effort to determine what’s important to them and incorporating their ideas whenever possible. We share the same goals with community members such as creating assets for communities, reducing property taxes, and fostering local economic growth. We believe in being active participants in the communities where we work and we regularly make significant contributions to local service organizations. We believe that this is a vital part of our commitment to the success of these communities.


We offer our clients many services including site identification, evaluation and acquisition, management of the regulatory permitting process, community relations, and leasing. SCP’s Leasing Department brings new clients to development projects and also negotiates lease deals for space in SCP- and third party-owned property.

Investment Objectives

  • Buy or develop cash flow after debt service. Achieved through property acquisition cost below replacement cost and cost control engineering
  • Maximize cash flow and capital appreciation through intense asset and property management
  • Generate consistent average annual returns to our investors of 12%-20%